Skin Cancer Detection and Treatment is More than Moles…

What is melanoma?

Melanoma is the most serious 5% form of Skin Cancer.

However, 10% of Melanomas are not black, but red spots and only 20% of Melanoma arise in pre-existing moles.

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But like all threats to you, early detection improves your health outcome. So there is a lot more than simply scanning, mapping and checking moles.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma represent 15% of Skin Cancer and can also spread to other parts of the body and be fatal, if it is given the time.

Basal Cell Carcinoma are the most common type of Skin Cancer and account for 80% of Skin Cancer, and whilst are rarely fatal, cause large cosmetic issues which must be dealt with efficiently and with precision.

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How common is Melanoma ?

Australia and New Zealand have the highest rate in the world.

In 2016 the number of males diagnosed in New Zealand with melanoma was 1430 and females diagnosed with melanoma was 1136.

Prevention and Self-Monitor are well described on this link

To see for yourself the maze of patterns that skin creates the best reference site is based in New Zealand

Total Body Photography is now easily created with the technology on your smartphone by taking your own images of your skin. In four shots you can take in 90% of your own body surface...  Stretch screens do the rest. Not everyone can manage these tasks and see the changes of timelapse with sufficient precision, so you can delegate this task to me, and reminders will be sent.

The skill of using a Dermoscope is not easily gained. Ongoing training to continuously improve my accuracy and efficiency adds an extra level of security to your skin.

Should I worry about my moles?

When it comes to screening for skin cancer, a lot of emphasis is generally placed on mole examination. However, you will now understand that many melanomas do not arise from moles. In fact, melanoma makes up only a fraction of skin cancer screening. So there’s a good deal more to a Comprehensive Skin Cancer Examination than screening for moles.

Isn't there an App for this?

Current algorithm based smartphone apps cannot be relied on to detect all cases of melanoma or other skin cancers. You can find out more at:


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