Unlike a lot of other clinics, we disclose ours fees up front so there are no nasty surprises on the day.

Service Description Price
Initial Consultation Fee For comparison, most dermatologists and plastic surgeons charge over $275! $225

Additional cost at the time of consultation may apply as below:

Individual Mole Imaging when appropriate $50
Skin Punch Biopsy $50
Excision on the Body   from $600
Excision on the Head, Neck and Below the Knee from $600
Grafts / Flaps from $200

Cryotherapy with Liquid Nitrogen


Return visit 

  $175 review visit


More complicated surgery is likely to be more costly, but I capably perform grafts, flaps and definitive surgery for most melanomas.

If you have private health insurance, you may wish to clarify the level of cover with your insurer prior to your appointment to determine the gap between to fee and your insurer’s contribution.

Note to GPs and Patients:

I do not enrol patients for capitation funding, so your enrolled patients remain your enrolled patients.

Please indicate on your referrals if you wish to perform biopsies and excisions on your patients yourself.

How to prepare yourself for a Skin Examination:

Sometimes there is only a single skin issue, but sometimes the entire skin needs to be examined with a Full Skin Examination.

Please ensure that you prepare yourself for Full Skin Examination by arriving with appropriate clothing to reduce the stress of this examination.

During the examination it is normal for patients to only wear underwear whilst sitting or lying on the couch during the screening examination.


It is difficult to “see” through makeup, so it is preferred that makeup is removed prior to appointments.

You may wish to wear sunglasses into the consultation for this reason.

Nail vanish is also best removed.

Scalp Examination are part of Full Skin Checks, so please bring your own comb or brush. When required, a hairdryer is used to improve vision of the scalp.